Asian Journal of Coaching Science

Publishers - Asia Association of Coaching Science & Ainosco Press


Vol 1 Issue 1

  1. The Relationship between Approach Run Kinematics and Javelin Throwing Performance
    Masatoshi Murakami ; Satoru Tanabe ; Masaki Ishikawa ; Akira Ito

  2. Running Motion Analyses in High Speed Phase for Men's 4 × 100 m Relay Team
    Tse-Ching Liang ; Wei-Chih Chen ; Shu-Min Lin

  3. Expert Strength and Conditioning Coaches Interact More with Athletes than Beginner
    Kenta Fujino ; Hiroshi Wada ; Ryo Yamauchi ; Masamitsu Ito

  4. Correlation between Functional Movement Screen Scores and Selected Collegiate Students' Fitness Tests
    Yongming Li ; Kaixuan Wang ; Yang Liu ; Bo Li


Vol 2 Issue 1

  1. The Use of Group-Based Reflective Practice to Enhance Badminton Players' Performance: An Exploratory Study
    Koon Teck Koh ; Kia Hwee Tan

  2. Muscular Function and Aerobic/Anaerobic Capacity to ACTN-3 Genetic Polymorphism of Roller Speed Skating Athletes
    Jae Kyung Byeon ; Sun Hee Park

  3. The Effect of 8 Weeks Vibration Training on Special Strength and Balance of Lower Limbs in Long Jump Athletes
    Zongqiang Jin ; Hengyuan Liu ; Peijun Zhao ; Lei Sun ; Yongkui Zhang ; Jiaxin Song


Vol 2 Issue 2

  1. A Trend Analysis of Major Championships Results in Male Hammer Throw (2008-2017)
    Donald G. Babbitt

  2. The Effect of 8-Week Plyometric Training on Neuromuscular Activation and Sports Performance for Pre-Pubertal Boys
    Hsiao-Yun Chang ; Che-Yeng Wang

  3. Effect of Hyperoxia and Cooling Application in High Intensity Interval Rowing Training
    Yi-Ching Fang ; Jia-Tzer Jang ; Chia-Hui Chen ; Te-Sheng Chen
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