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The 2nd AACS Conference official website has been launched by local organiser - the ShangHai University of Sport. The web link is or

~ Greeting from the host, the President of the ShangHai University of Sport, Dr Pei-Jie CHEN ~

The 2nd Asia‐Pacific Conference on Coaching Science is going to be held in Shanghai University of Sport (SUS).
The conference is hosted by AACS (Asia Association of Coaching Science) and co-organised by SUS and Shanghai Association of Sport Science.
On behalf of all faculties and staffs, I would like to express my warm welcome to all the national and international experts and scholars.
Coaching science is a combination of science and art. As the two most important roles in the process of sport training, coaches and scientists share the same aim to enhance athletes’ performance, and it is their work that bridges the gap between science and art.
The theme of the 2nd Asia‐Pacific Conference on Coaching Science is Coaching Science—Future & Perspective. We have invited a number of sport scientists and coaches from home and abroad to share their achievements. We hope that this conference would provide a chance for coaches and scientists in the field of sport coaching to communicate, and the science and art of coaching would be better integrated in Asia through this conference, especially in China.
SUS was founded in 1952, and is the first university specialized in sports in the People’s Republic of China. Over the past few years, SUS established the China Table Tennis College, launched the only international sports science journal in China—Journal of Sport and Health Science, built the Sports Technology & Industry Park named by the General Administration of Sport, and opened the China Martial Art Museum.
Lastly, I sincerely invite sport coaches and scientists from all the Asian regions to the conference, and wish the conference a great success.
Welcome to SUS!


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