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Brief history

Asia Association of Coaching Science (AACS) was founded in Taipei city in June 2012 with a number of executive board directors from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China. The first President was Dr. Kazuhiko WATANABE (JPN), the first Vice President was Dr. Jasson CHIANG (TPE), the 2nd Vice President Dr Tae-Won JUN (KOR), and the Secretary General Dr. James Shih-Chung CHENG (TPE).

In 2014, the 2nd President, Dr. Jasson CHIANG (TPE) was elected, the 1st Vice President is Dr. Tae-Won JUN (KOR), the 2nd Vice President is Dr. Yu LIU (CHN), and the Secretary General remains to be Dr James Shih-Chung CHENG (TPE). Dr. Kazuhiko WATANABE was recommended by Board of Directors to be the Honour President. Dr. Jasson CHIANG passed away in December 2015, so Dr. Tae-Won JUN took over as the acting President until the Executive Board members election on 11 November 2016 in Shanghai.

In 2016, Dr. Tae-Won JUN  was elected as the President, Dr Yu Liu (CHN) was elected as the 1st Vice President, Dr Masamitsu ITO was elected as the 2nd Vice President and Dr James Shih-Chung CHENG remains to be the General Secretary.  Dr. Kazuhiko WATANABE remains to be the Honour President. 

In 2018, Dr. Yu LIU was elected as the President, Dr. Masamitsu ITO was elected as the 1st Vice President, Dr. Kwan Yong CHOI was elected as the 2nd Vice President, and Dr. Yong-Ming LI was appointed as the General Secretary. Dr. Tae-Won JUN was recommended by Board of Directors to be the Honour President. 


Mission statement

The mission of the Asia Association of Coaching Science (AACS) shall be:

To promote and maintain the highest possible values in sport and the coaching profession, and to collaborate for the development of theory and practice of sport coaching in Asian regions.

AACS also aims to integrate theory and practice in sports coaching science, to bridge the gap between coaching and sports science, to promote critical reflection of coaching practice, and to critically examine commonly-accepted beliefs about coaching effectiveness and performance enhancement.

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